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Of Hours&Making: A Seasonal Time Care Salon

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Hours&Making is a Time Care System designed to help you work through your creative resistances to time. It’s also designed to help you take back some control in your life as you reset and reframe your priorities. The community-learning setting lets you know you’re not alone; and the price makes it available for anyone. WHAT YOUR CONTRIBUTION MEANS: * You will be enrolled in The Hours&Making Time Care System. It includes a workbook/online course with guidance on how to set up your own time care system to move your energy from overwhelm to momentum. This is a lifetime subscription. * You will be invited to join a community chat where you can ask questions, share insights, and receive guidance on particular issues you are facing in regards to your relationship to time. * You will be invited to attend four seasonal Time Care System week-long retreats. The first one you attend is FREE; after that I do ask for a contribution to support the work. * You will receive a subscription to K's blog which includes short but informative monthly posts from K's 25 years of scholarship and research into time, systems, divinations, and oracular exercises. It’s time to put your creative practice first and to make time flow with ease, not resistance...the first step is to create a time care system that works with your life, your values, and your beliefs. Thank you for your interest and I will look forward to being on this journey with you!

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