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Helen Adam

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A Helen Adam Reader

Edited with an introduction
By Kristin Prevallet

"This magnanimous scholarly compendium of the work and life of Helen Adam is a recovery and reclamation project of major importance, giving weight and measure to an iconic and unique figure."

Anne Waldman
Poet and co-founder of the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics

"A Helen Adam Reader is a perfect summation of and tribute to her career, including a DVD that includes plenty of audio of Adam in performance, films of the poet singing, her collages, the scripts for and recordings from her successful ballad opera San Francisco's Burning and much more. But all these wonderful extras pale beside the poetry. Very little can be found online, so you have to buy the book."

John Wesley Harding
Magnet Magazine

"Helen Adam may not have been a Modernist giant, but Prevallet's Reader makes the case that she must be taken on her own terms: as a balladeer, playwright, collagist and necromancer."

Ange Mlinko
The Nation

Available through the National Poetry Foundation 


The Archive

Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo

Kristin Prevallet Helen Adam Research Papers held at the Poetry Collection at the University of Buffalo. Coming soon.

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