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Offering integral manuscript editorial services, blending precision editing with compassionate coaching.​​

​Kristin is a widely published author with a PhD in philosophy; she offers private coaching and editing sessions with a keen eye for structural, grammatical, intuitive, and conceptual feedback. 

With over 20 years of experience, Prevallet has meticulously edited groundbreaking literary books, research papers, monographs, and scholarly anthologies. Her attention to both the details and the conceptual frame of the work transforms complex manuscripts into polished, poetic, impactful works. Passionate about advancing knowledge through precise yet poetically elegant prose, Prevallet holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and has worked with renowned professors, award winning poets, PhD candidates, and emerging scholars. Dr. Prevallet believes that academic excellence extends beyond the written word; she empowers authors to thrive holistically—overcoming blocks in output and creativity as well as helping with procrastination and project management.

I highly recommend KPrevallet's manuscript services. K provided clarity and order that allowed my poems to unfold in a sequence that I hadn't considered before. There are not many people who I trust to edit a manuscript in progress, that takes an ally with patience and gentleness to help a poet at this vulnerable stage, especially  in the field of  experimental poetry, but you can trust Kristin, an astute editor and brilliant poet, to have the best interests of your work in mind.

Brenda Coultas

Author of The Writing of an Hour, Wesleyan University press, 2022.

Morgan James, NY

K provides a conceptual approach and a set of customizable and inspiring tools with abundant intelligence - the kind I want to turn to again and again. 

LRusso, author of The Verdant, WINNER 2023 Halcyon Poetry Award

Lisa Driver, MI

 I'm grateful for what I have learned from you and for your help in moving this book project towards completion. Also, more generally, for giving me a broader sense of possibility. 

Dr. Joshua Moses, author of Anxious Experts: Disaster Response and Spiritual Care from 9/11 to the Climate Crisis, University of Pennsylvania.


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