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Time: "The problem of continuous change"

I read that sentence, "The Problem of Continuous Change" long ago in an article about the "Fallacy of Time " in Mayan calendar systems. Indigenous peoples' wisdoms tell us that the universe is filled with cyclic moments (eg. the planets revolving around suns, over and over again) and time is how we measure the intervals, recurrences, and patterns they create. [Mayan calendar systems]

The problem of continuous change has stayed with me and seems to take on more and more meaning as I get older. If time really is a mighty river flowing steadily along, then it seems pretty important not to get caught in any swift moving, overpowering currents. Or when we do get cast asunder (and we do), how important is it to get back into the flow, where change is continuous and life goes on.

As much as all this is true, it's also true that the fact that change is continuous and life must go on can be extremely painful. We lose people and places as they change, and trying to manifest hopes and dreams is difficult, if not impossible, when living in a culture where the game is rigged and wars, social brutality, and climate catastrophe -- forces beyond most humans' control -- cause horrific suffering. And yet, there's not choice but to keep the wheel of life turning because after all, this very well may be our one, and only, precious life.

In her book TIME the Lebanese-American poet, painter, and philosopher Etel Adnan (February 24, 1925–November 14, 2021), translated by Sarah Riggs, writes:

"there's a time in autumn when the trees change their nature, and wake up beyond matter; then one sees them come back to their ordinary selves." [from The Soul Conveys Itself in Shadow / El alma se meuve en la sombra edited by Kythe Heller and Carolina Gomez-Montoya]

This poem reminds me of this picture I took last year of a leaf revealing her vibrant self even as she prepares to fall from the plant:

Poets and artists speak through the medium of time, perhaps because we're not trying to "catch" it. And for myself as a poet who is also a practitioner of the healing arts of language (hypnotherapy, reiki, tarot and other peripheral arts), time is also an art.

I have spent many years (35 years!) researching and then helping people move through procrastination and manage their time, with care. I've put it all together into a workbook (available online and as a limited-edition art book) and series of workshops called Of Hours&Making.

Winter workshop starts Sunday Feb. 25!

Integrate what you are drawn to do creatively into a relationship with time that is reflective, spiritual, and playful as opposed to overwhelming and duty-driven. We will lean towards what is emerging, spiraling, malleable, playful, cyclical, regenerative, and evolving. The emphasis will be on your inner process and working with your own calendar, not the creation of poems, or the sharing of work.

It's affordable (sliding scale, $75-$250) AND a most generous offering:

You will:

•             Get one week of live support: A 2-hour workshop + 3x private coaching for one week + a 1.5 hour wrap-up session.

•             Receive a workbook that is also an online course with nine modules + exercises to help you with your time care after the workshop ends.

•             Right relationship & good people: Progressive, intersectional, creative workers, poets, artists, dreamers...

•             Get underneath the energy drain of procrastination: Learn to Identify, prioritize, and focus on your creative goals without judgement.

•             I've got a system to share, but the workshop will help you to craft a time care system that works for you



“… I'm amazed at how much happened.“
“Weeks later, the teachings from this workshop continue to provide support and nourishment..”
“Everyone who participated generously held space for and uplifted one another.”



1 –sign up HERE (capped at 10 to keep it real - just a few spots are left)

2 – The week-long workshop kicks off with a 90-minute session to get oriented and begin the work.

3 – Then over the next week, two days (M, F) have optional 45 minute coaching check-ins PLUS one 20 minute private coaching call. Ask me about your blocks and resistances, or questions about time care in general. Or, just listen/learn!

4 – Daily email prompts with exercises + a workbook/online class to keep you learning.

5 – We conclude with a 60 minute wrap up the following Sunday.

I will look forward to being with you on this journey through time -- now, or in the future!

Warmest wishes,


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